The delights of owning an English sports car.

I had a 69 Lotus europa when I was in college. I can testify it IS possable to get three people into one & actually drive it. Ended up selling it to the guy that now owns Pantera Inernational. I bought a 71 a few years ago which is now in the back yard & parts in a couple of different garages LOL But this forum got me thinking about it & I've started working on it again. Guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Actally looking at puting a 215 aluminum V8 in it. I've got a 63 MkI Spitfire in the driveway that's going to be a donor for my Devin body. Have a 1600 Kent crossflow race motor I may use in the Devin. Have a Fiat 850 Spider too that I got for my son to vintage race. But that hasn't happened yet. You know what Fiat stands for? Fix it again Tony LOL