Tornado MKII

Scott Calabro


With 875 gone its time to build a Tornado MKII.

It will be the Carbon/ally honeycomb composite chassis equipped with a Coyote crate engine, front 300mm 6 pots, aircon, Gurney bubble and of course the obligatory RHD/RHS.

I'm going try my best to keep the thread from drifting by staying on point and task, so if you have questions and or comments please keep it to emails or better yet, call me, and we can chat.

Should be here early 2013.



Glutton for punishment Scott.
But been there done that etc.
It will be Nice to see it progressing
Hey Scott, glad to see you're on the build again. MK II? You still haven't convinced me that it's as good looking as a MK I. It should be a rocket with the coyote. I hope to have the AC system in my car charged and working next week. Carlisle next spring? :thumbsup:
I heard a rumour that you were doing this. Congratulations, if it's as good as your previous build it will be quite some car.

Are you supercharging the coyote? You know you want too ;)

Scott Calabro

A few changes to the build. It will be a C/F mono, but just a little different than what we normally see here on the forum.

Can't comment further, so don't bother asking, just stay tuned.


Scott Calabro


The crates are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow afternoon.

Its Andy's new Mk I Spyder with Gulf flares.

Pictures to follow in a new build thread, appropriately titled.