Tornado tsc gt40 super pro kit

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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The Tornado TSC GT40 Super Pro kit is the most comprehensive and complete GT40 kit package that has ever been available. Its simply a car, in kit form, in a big box.

It contains every single item required to complete the build and we are so confident in how comprehensive and complete this package is that each kit is supplied with the following guarantee.
If anytime during the build the customer finds any item to be missing we will supply it free of charge. Even if its only a bolt, screw, rivet or washer.

Not only that but this package offers more options than any other kit package ever before including 3 types of chassis each with Ford small block or Ford Coyote engine options. It even includes the brake fluid.

This package allows the customer to know exactly what the final cost of the parts required to complete the project will be. There are no hidden extras or nasty surprises.

For full details of the package including options list go to

TSC GT40 Super Pro Package

The Tornado TSC GT40 super pro kit is the ultimate GT40 kit builders package.