Trailer Training - South of Boston

An organization that does driver training is offering a one-day trailer training class south of Boston. I've taken a useful driving class with them that taught people how to drive using ABS.

In Control's Trailer Training 101 Course is available to any licensed or permitted driver who wants to learn how to operate a vehicle safely while towing a trailer OR tows regularly and wants to improve their skills.

In Control will be supplying the trucks and trailers for this class. The cost for this training is $350 per participant (sorry no discounting is available)

By learning on a range of trucks and trailers, a driver's skill-set becomes broader, and the techniques learned become more applicable to a more extensive range of equipment.

Trailer Training is a soup to nuts program in which participants learn:
  • The equipment and terminology used
  • How to hook up, load, and unload a trailer
  • How to safely and adequately pull a trailer on our busy roads
  • How to navigate tight spaces with a trailer
  • How to back a trailer up with confidence
Sunday, November 7, 2021, 11am to 4pm.
The page doesn't say it explicitly, but I'm assuming the training will be at their S. Weymouth, MA location.

My wife and I will be going.

I figure probably more people on this forum have trailers than GT40s, so I hoping that some of you might find this of interest.
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Monumentally stupid... but I watched the whole thing. What does this say about me?

This reminds me of the "Caravan Races" on Top Gear years ago.