does anyone out there have a TS-40 complete and running on the road/ I am looking at any feed back on the renault trans. that A .Sheldon recommends. My TS -40 is almost a roller and am gettimg ready for the final stages of the build.

Tim Kay

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Be glad to help so ask away /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif I've been running TS40 with Renault for several years and it's been gr8. 4,000 miles and no problem, approx 320hp /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
My car just passed 23,000 miles on Renault21T transaxle with AP racing clutch. No problems. I run synthetic oil and change it every 1000 miles. I do not hammer it in 1st since everbody says that 1st is the weak point of the transaxle and with so much torque available I don't think you need to hammer 1st anyway. An uprated shaft is available in UK but its expensive .Car has run 170 in France going to Le Mans and I track it regularly on DunlopCR82 racing tires so its had a good workout.I think car is in the same 320 range as Tims.

Howard Jones

Kev, I believe that the TS40 were built to use a renault gearbox. I would build the car with the intended gearbox unless you really want something else AND you are willing to do serious engineering to the car.

The good news is the renault boxes work pretty well. I have a GTD with one with 3500 miles on it. My motor is a 302 with about 350-370Hp or so. You will need to upgrade the clutch for more than 300hp but the delorian's used the same gearbox and they have a centerforce upgrade clutch that work perfect. The gearbox itself will take up to 400Hp IF you drive the car like YOU paid for it. NO DRAG RACE STARTS and it will serve you well.

MAKE SURE YOU GET THE R21 type box. This one has the 3.44 final drive diff in it and really is much better than the others. They usually have 3.89 finals and aren't suited for long freeway runs above 70mph. In contrast my car is turning 2950RPMs at 80mph. That is just about perfect for a hyd roller cam SB ford. They work best below 6300-6600RPMS. 6600 is pushing it with the Ford valve springs. I have a 6K rev limiter in my MSD.

The other thing is you can use 1st gear with the R21. The others all use 2nd gear to start with the 3.89 boxes.

If you can find one in the UK I would get the upgraded quafe internals and LSD installed in the UK before you have it sent over. This isn't cheep but all the guys I know that have renaults would like these upgrades. Doing it up front will save money in the long run.
I have a Tornado which i have been running on and off for 8 years. I have changed to an Audi box now 016 type, ( mainly because i had two at silly prices) There is a bit more work in fitting this box as you have to get the chassis chanelled to miss the side cover bolts and also a little relief may be necessary to the rear crossmember to acomodate the rear cover.. NB This may not be necessary depending on your adapter plate thickness. Also you will need to get ndifferent drive shafts made to match the stud pattern of the box, and modify the gear linkage as the Audi box is a side changer. For all this, I have had no problems so far with the new box and although 1st gear is rediculously low (alright for crawling around car parks), I am soon to start racing it over here in Australia..... Conclusion, The Renault21 UNI is a fine box and easy to install if the car is designed for it but there is nothing wrong either with the Audi setup if done correctly. Good luck.

Tim Kay

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The Renault I mentioned above is tentatively sold to another member since I posted the message. I will re-post in the parts for sale category with more detail later if it doesn't sell.

Thanks for asking.
Tim, do you have the dimensions of the adapter plate? I would like to make my own! Thanks Kevin