TT back again and as fast as ever

Randy V

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How they can manage to turn whilst in the air coming around a corner, totally escapes me….

Larry L.

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Skill and courage

There's a not-so-thin line that separates "courage" from reckless abandon / total insanity.
Were my carefully nurtured yellow stripe visible thru my shirt, you'd know my 'take' on the Isle of Man TT w/o even having to ask! ;-)

(Edit: What really astounds me is the fact that so many spectators actually choose to sit/stand literally I-N-C-H-E-S away from bikes screaming by at close to the speed of sound - some with toddlers on their laps, for Pete's sake! Whut th'...)
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5 bikers dying on a same week race ; so strange they stiil are able to organize that event nowadays ??????
I wonder how many died on the targa Florio or the mille miglia .......
This is, what Isle of Man TT is, & forever should be.
All drivers know, it can kill you, it can be your last race, it could be the last time you said goodbye.

As long as the drivers volunteer to race this insane TT, they should continue this race every year.
Its still on my bucket list to visit & watch.

Mike Pass

There is also "Mad Sunday" when they make the mountain section one way only and no speed limit. I did it back in the sixties on a 350 AJS. I have driven the course lots of times in a GT40 which is good fun as there is no speed limit over the mountain section. There is a car event called the Manx Classic with 3 hillclimb events on some parts of the TT course over 3 days. You can drive anything on the roads for 2 hours before and after the event. So coming back over the mountain section with a 1900s GP Renault, a Cooper single seater and a race Talbot Sunbeam etc. was an interesting experience. We once did the course in the sixties 4 up in a bog standard 850cc mini at 2am in the morning and did a 60mph average lap.
Too much nanny state and fun police everywhere else now.