UK registration requirements

Hello, i'm still in the planning stages of my GT40 build in the UK.
I have a copy of the IVA regulations, but i can't find information regarding what engines are and aren't allowed, can they be turbo or super charged. What headlights are necessary (as in do they need to meet certain specifications etc). What are the regulations on seat belts, can harnesses be used? Do steering columns need to be collapsable? etc etc.
Cheers Gavin

Mike Pass

You are allowed one used component. This is usually the engine for emission reasons. Any engine can be used provided it meets the emission levels for the year of the engine. This is why a pre 1975 block is a good idea. Remember that the emissions at the IVA stay with the car forever and must be met at every MoT test.

IVA Emissions Years/Levels

Engine block date up to 31-7-1975 – no visible smoke

Engine block date 1-8-1975 to 31-7-1986 – no visible visual and less than (or equal to) 4.5 CO and 1200 HC at normal rpm hot idle. HC can be tested at 2,000rpm if Co passes at idle.

Engine block date 1-8-1986 to 31-7-1995 – no visible smoke and less than (or equal to) 3.5 CO and 1200 HC at normal rpm hot idle. HC can be tested at 2,000rpm if CO passes at idle.

Engine block date 1-8-1995 on
With oil temp at 60deg C, No visible smoke and at fast idle (2,500 -3,000rpm) less than (or equal to)
0.3% CO and 200 HC, Lambda 0.97 to 1.03.
At idle CO should be less than (or equal to) 0.5%. Catalytic convertors and fuel injection is mandatory.

Any headlight which will meet MoT requirements will be OK. Harnesses can be used. The height of the headrests will be checked. Steering columns need to be collapsible.

If using a Ford small block the date codes are as below.
The Ford casting number always starts with the 'Decade' character. Ford started using this structure in the late 50's with the first letter being 'B' . In the 60's the letter changed to 'C' and 'D' for the 70's and so on. The Decade digit is always followed by the 'Year' number. The combination of Decade and Year indicate the actual model year the part was originally designed for.

First character (a letter)
B= 50's C= 60's D= 70's E= 80's

Second character (a number)
Year of decade
e.g. C9is 1969

Third character
Car model,
A – full size Ford, D – Falcon, Maverick, E – Truck, L – Lincoln ,M – Mercury, O – Fairlane, Torino, S – Thunderbird, Z – Mustang, W - Cougar

Fourth character
Engineered component
E = engine


Ian Anderson

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Hey Mike
i remember way back when I did SVA, well before IVA came in, that twist release harnesses that were FIA approved were not accepted, I had to use ones that had a red/orange button.

Have they now realised that the twist buckles work as well or better than the push button sort?

headlights I believe have to be handed so made for left side of the road use (U.K.) side so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic.
Someone imported some Renault ones from France and they failed as the beam was for the wrong side of the road.

Lots of reading ahead for a new builder!

Thanks for that Mike. Is there somewhere i can get my hands on all of the relevant information to study it all? These things certainly influence the direction of the build.