"Ultimate" Lola T70 book - help wanted

\"Ultimate\" Lola T70 book - help wanted

John Starkey's putting together a brand new T70 book, far more in depth than anything before

He needs info/photos etc as below.

John's email is [email protected]

<< Hello Gentlemen, (and Ladies!)

Years ago, I wrote a book on the Lola T70. "Lola T70-The Racing History" - Veloce. I am currently writing a new book, which will feature the histories, in detail, of every single T70 built by the factory.

Although I have a lot of information on the individual cars, I still have some gaps that I should like to fill for this book, which I hope to have out by Xmas, 2006.

Principally, I need to find out the individuals who first bought the following T70s from either John Mecom, or Carl Haas: (Neither still have their records, they inform me).

SL70/11, 12.



Also, any history on the T70 roadsters/coupes from, say, 1967 on that is not already in my previous book, such as owners, any additional races, what happened to the cars, and any photos, no matter how, "home Brownie" would be gratefully appreciated. All photographs will, of course, be returned after scanning.

Thank you in advance,

John Starkey >>
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Nope, that thread is about the 1966 T70 MK II #30 car Jim.
The #36 car was a MK 3B Spyder (No relation at all to the MK 3B coupe, no similar parts whatsoever).
The #36 car was in the collection of Eric Hauser at some point.(now deceased) , There were other owners as well.

SL75/122 Ford 1967-08-17 Gr.7 All American Racers (Dan Gurney) => Vic Nelli (1968) => Henry Lassiter => Peter Boyd => John Collins => Gerry Weichers => Bruce Trenery/Fantasy Junction => ? (1998) Under Weichers ownership rebuilt as Mk.3B coupé. The car was crashed in 1996, two year later sold with a new tub.
Thanks to Martin Krejci for some of the info above and to
John Starkey for other info and for pointing out that Hauser owned it (and 3 other T70's). It had a fuel injected Gurney Weslake in it (Vs. Webers on the 1966 car). He consistantly qualified 1,2,or 3 in the car but had race troubles.
What type of info are you looking for ?


Ron Earp

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I'm really just looking for some nice outside detail pictures and cockpit stuff. I am not aiming to re-create a dead nuts car, but I am going for the "look" of the car.

So, no danger of me trying to create a Lola to be passed off as original or anyting like that, basically trying to make it look nice since that is one of the Ford Powered spyders I really like the look of. Intended use is for a track day car, but, we've got this really evil idea kicking around of running this thing in a loooong race that happens later this year.......

Anyone that has some nice shots of the car I'd appreciate them as well as real color - it is hard to tell what color the thing was from the few pictures I have. Dark blue of some sort, but I don't have that much good info unfortunately. Really neat car in my opinion that never got that much recognition since race results were not that great.

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No detail shots but it's a great looking car.

Jerry Weichers may have some photos of this car before he rebuilt it into a coupe. He's on the forum, [email protected].

Pete Lyons can probably also help - [email protected]

Good luck

Ron Earp

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Rob, are there any current Lola books out there? The cat is out of the bag, I need to get my materials in hand! Are those pictures available anywhere in a higher resolution?
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Johan, sorry to disagree but I owned T70Mk3B can am SL75/122 as well as several other Lola Canam and GT's The car was not retubbed but it was repaired after its shunt at Laguna.... the repair was to the front bulkhead and skins ... not the entire tub ... further the car while I owned it was retored to Mk3GT specs not ''B'' as you reported. Their seem to be a hole lot of ''experts '' out their today on Lola history most of which have never ''ponied up'' to own a real one..... I've owned 7 , and done the research to document every one... sorry I don't mean to offend .... just set the record straight. jerry
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Thank you Jerry and I agree with what you say.
I copied the info from a website and it was stupid of me because I
know that it is now bodied as a MK III. It has a Chevy v8 and is now owned by Rob Rowley. I think he wants to turn it back into a spyder.
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Does anyone know what is happening with this book? John said he hoped to have it out by Dec 2006, but I haven't seen anything on it yet.

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I contacted John today. Here is his response:

"Hello Lenny,

We hope to have a book out on the Lola Sports-Prototypes, from Mark IV GT to Nissan R91C out in about three months.

The book on the Spyders is going to take longer than I planned. Just too much unknown still on some of the Spyders/Roadsters, I'm afraid. I really did want to feature the stories of EVERY car.

Kind regards

John Starkey"