UN1 upgrade = Holloway Kit Revival

John, newby Terry Dennis from NorCal here (Fair Oaks), with a question about the UN1 transaxle upgrade kit.Your post from August 4 stated that one person had bailed on the "group buy"; PM you if interested. I bought the '02 Lotus Esprit V8 transmission that was on ebay (apparently for quite a while), which is supposed to be delivered to me in about a week. Is the extra kit still available? I have an old S1 Esprit that has been languishing in my garage for years, and I am now collecting the hardware to get it back on the road (I'm going with the V8; don't have one yet, but I'll find one). Otherwise, your post from the 23rd, says the upgrade kit may be available soon....Presumably it would fit the '02 UN1; and I definitely want to do the upgrade. Any info would be appreciated.
Thanx in advance,
Terry Dennis
Fair Oaks, CA