UN1/LS3 using Andy’s tornado adapter

Hi everybody. I’m trying to make a UN1 work with a LS3 V8 using an adapter clutch-Bell housing from Andy @ Tornado Motorsport. In my Lotus esprit.

At the moment I’m a bit confused as on what year clutch and TOB are some of you guys using?

Problem 1
The lotus UN1 input shaft has a sleeve with 30mm OD, but the Throw Out Bearing (TOB), I’ve purchased so far are one for the 1985 Camaro (35mm ID), and one for the 2003 Mustang (36mm ID), so it’s pretty obvious that a slide on Sleeve will be needed it. However I’m just curious to hear what some of you who are using this engine transmission combo have done/using to get around the clutch?

Problem 2
The second problem I’m facing is the total distance available inside the bell-housing adapter. It seems shorter than the original UN1. So it’s more than likely that I don’t have the minimal distance to clear the whole package inside the clutch housing...

By the way I’m using a costume 153 teeth aluminum flywheel with a 10.5 Chevy clutch plate and Disk. With a GTO/Quaife single shaft upgrade and LSD.

Thank you
Jaime Gomez