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Recently I made the acquaintance of a fellow that has a project that I suspect you all might enjoy so I thought I’d share it with you. The pictures and links attached show a V12 Ford that is made from a couple sectioned 302 Mexican blocks and Cleveland 4V closed chamber heads.

Now I know there have been plenty of multi-cylinder projects done before, however, this gentleman’s name is Jan. He is a tool maker and besides the large investment of time, he made the investment of having a purpose built crank and cam made by a notable builder of such.

The bores are at 4.090” (ultrasonic says still has 1/8 min. wall), 3.5” stroke 5.565” rod length. That’s 552 Cubic Inches from the 12 cylinders.

Cam (solid roller) is 306/316 advertised duration, 272/278 @ .050. with 0.685”/.690” lift. 112 LSA installed on a .106 intake centerline.

I believe he indicated the firing order is 153624 as in all Ford straight 6s. His crank just has two rods on each throw. Right bank viewed from rear is 1-6 and left bank left is 90 out from right.

Now I know such a project draws a lot of questions about how certain things are done and how durable it will be but Jan used to build straight six Fords that were campaigned on round-d-round tracks that turned 8-8.5krpm with….you guessed it, sectioned 4V Cleveland heads, so I suspect he knows a thing or two about how to do the task and make them live and last.

I was put in touch with Jan because of that inline Autolite carb sitting atop the running engine. He also has a cross ram intake shown in the pictures with 6 outboard marine carbs and an intake with removable top so he can run four barrels too.

When I asked Jan what the engine was destined for he said he’d like to build a J-Car around it! Here are links to running video. There will be better video available in the not too distant future. Enjoy.



This sort of stuff is great, restores my faith in the ability of 'some' people to think outside the square, Jan is lucky I don't live anywhere near him...:).... I remember reading articles of the inline six engines he built..