V12 Superlite GT-R Build: I've waited 2 years. How much longer from order to delivery?

Nick Diasio

2 years ago I placed an order for my GT-R and paid half the base price + options (April 2021) but have not received it or any updates in the past year.
Dec 2021: I was told the chassis was finished and next in queue for body shop but due to issues sourcing the gel coat, it would likely not be until Feb 2022.
Understandable, COVID threw everything into chaos supply chain/ labor sourcing wise.
Jun 2022: Inquired about Upgraded trans axle to handle a relatively high torque engine. This was quickly handled by the Superlite team, I paid for the upgraded parts, and they apologized to for more delays but was reassured it wouldn't be much longer.

It's now been a full year since that last update and Superlite does not answer calls or emails. I understand they're busier than ever before and the unexpected happens so you must be patient but this is ridiculous.
At time of order, The quoted lead time on the site was approx. 6 months which has obviously changed due to influx of orders during covid.
It seems many on this forum have waited approx a year, but for us it has been 2 years and counting.

Tired of being left in the dark as I've sat with a cleaned out shop thinking it would arrive next month for over a year now when I could have started other projects.
Do GT-Rs take longer, are SLCs being prioritized, did my chassis get sold off to a higher priority entity?
Not expecting my kit to magically appear after posting this, I would just like a realistic timeline/to know what's going on so I can decide how to proceed.

N. D.

Ken Roberts

I found that to help alleviate the frustration of waiting for delivery I spent my time building a lot of the parts I was going to add to the car. The engine harness choice, the coolant tank, upgraded cooling fans, fan shroud, upgraded seats and sliders, H Craft tail lights and other H Craft upgrades. Perhaps they could send you the fuel tank in advance if you are planning a custom intank fuel module. They could send you the transaxle in advance if you want to marry it to the engine with the clutch. Perhaps build a test stand and get a tune going on the engine.

All that goes out the window however if they are building the car for you.

Nick Diasio

Hey Ken, good point about getting ahead on some of that. I've been sourcing engine parts, aftermarket ecu etc for the build for a while now since it's fairly obscure. The first year i rewired an entire car as practice, since I need to build my own harness for this engine due to its obscurity haha. Working on building a stock one to go on test stand and wire/tune it and be used in the engine and then a second experimental/performance engine in the meantime.
It's hard to do some of this without a chassis to measure against so i figure my first harness will just be generic and hopefully fit the chassis and the 2nd will be refined.
I might ask about the transaxle though so I can scan some parts and design the adapter plate.
Nick, my GT-R was ordered 01/29/21 and was picked up at RCR Nov 2021 by the original owner. I purchased it second hand with nothing done on it Oct 2022. When I bought it, it was still missing a few parts originally ordered. The last part I am still waiting for is the steering rack, and I know there are others waiting for the rack since they changed vendors. I am hoping that I will receive it in the order the order was placed and also hoping new racks are not just going into cars they are building for customers who ordered after mine. The rack would make life so much easier to work on the car as I have to move it to work on it. I have not been able to get any estimates on delivery.

Nick Diasio

I'm a bit late on this but Fran and Vicki were able to reach out last week and arrange final details with us which I appreciate :)
Excited to finally get this thing going! For better or worse a lot of other seriously delayed projects are arriving this year as well so it will be hectic but I'll do my best to document the build for future builders and will start a new thread as well as post on my own site as I go.
Glad to hear the steering racks are here as I heard another user had to improvise a bit XD.
Fran, I also sent a followup email to RCR/SLC Customer Service after your post on 6/12/23 and havent heard back. Does that mean they were not for the GT-R or mine didnt come up in the lottery if I havent seen one yet?
Is this the only chassis experiencing such lengthy delays? Quick look through the first pages of the GT forums doesn’t net people complaining about delays.
Last I asked in May I was informed they were delivering 2 chassis/wk. That’s 6+ months, 24+ weeks, and nearly 50 possible deliveries. Have they gone out without racks over that period? Not everyone will join the forum for assistance or camaraderie but I don’t see more than a few new build threads. I’d like to hear how many cars are actually being delivered and what progress is.
This kinda thing is makin me nervous...I want to look forward to a purchase in about a year or 18 months--purchasing engine first--and if things are slowly deteriorating over there who knows what things will look like in 2025 and beyond.