VHT Paint for Headers

Does anyone have experience with VHT Flameproof paint for headers? After refitting the collectors and tabs, I need to re-think protecting them from rust, and VHT appears to be a good way to go.

Any thoughts appreciated.

I haven't found one yet that will hold up well over time on headers. Go with Ceramic coating and be done with it.
Brian, I don't blame you for not going with ceramic coating, especially if they have been used. I've heard a lot of bad stories about sending them out to be coated and decided to just paint them. I just used the VHT coating and so far so good but it's only been a month or so. I saw a turbo on an Esprit that was coated with the VHT and he said it had been several years and it looked great. My system is white so I just repaint it every few years or so.
Thanks Mark, we're going to give it a go and hopefully this summer give a report on the success..or failure.. I am going to follow the directions to a "T" , sandblasting, priming and baking them as directed. By the way Mark, how many cans did it take to do the header set?

For what it's worth, these ARE ceramic coated and as far as I am concerned this coating is a failure, pitted, rusting through and flaking at the flange. There are no indications it will outlast a decent can of paint.
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Hey Brian, I used two cans and will use another for touch ups. I did sand the pipes but that was all. The white does not cover so well so I did it in coats and then just let it dry for a few days before I drove it. Seems to be better stuff than the Dupli-color header paint that is supposed to contain some ceramic. Good luck and you can always sand and repaint in a few years. $400 of ceramic coating will buy a lot of spray cans.