Wanted: Detailed photos of P1075


Does anyone have any detailed photos they are willing to share of P1075? I am most interested in the engine bay, front chassis and interior. They must be of the real P1075 as authenticity is the goal. Any and all information/photos would be very much appreciated.

Hello Neil, I hope you are well :)Thankyou for your suggestion, and yes I do have that book. Great book by the way, but unfortunately not enough of the detail I seek in the way of photographs. I also have the 'Autobiography of 1075' which is very useful but still limited with some areas visually. I was wondering whether anyone may have taken photos of the car with the clams off/doors open at a track or show. I know everone is probably thinking i should get off my butt and fly to and visit the museum, but as we all know, even if you're there in person they won't always allow you to open the cars up to see the details! I'm also curious whether anyone has build specs/details/photos of the Gurney Weslake/Eagle engine used....

Today at lunch I asked John if he had any photos of P1075 that he had not published in his book and if he had any info on the Gurney Weslake Eagle engine. He was not sure if he had anything on the engine but he invited me to visit his home and we would go through his boxes of photos and pull out any pertinent ones. I'll try to do this in the coming week or so but it might take a bit longer. I'll let you know what we find.
Hi Elliot, I took this photo of the engine bay of 1075 2 months ago at the Montery reunion at Laguna Seca. I was surprised to see it there. Ford had an unveiling of the New Gulf livery for the Ford GT for next year. I was lucky enough to get this shot when they opened up the rear clip after a couple of parade laps around the track. I would have taken more but there was limited access. I hope this might help. BTW the hinges arrived in great shape. Thanks!


John and I plan to meet for lunch on Thursday and we will sort through the photos that he has of P1075. I hope we can find something that may be helpful to you.

Send me your e-mail address and I'll send a few photos that I've scanned so far- more to follow. [email protected]

An important point to remember is that race cars are rarely a fixed quantity and p1075 was no exception. Changes were made for individual tracks and there were overall changes as the car evolved. You may spot some differences in these photos of p1075. Since John loaned me these photos to scan for you, I'll not post them for everyone- sorry, but I don't want to take advantage of John Horsman's kindness in letting me sort through his photo files. He has three groups of GT40 photos: 1964-1967, 1968, & 1969. I will post a scan of an Innes Ireland article in "Autocar" December 12, 1968 since it was published. He has an interesting description of the interior of p1075. Check the photo #3- I would not like to race with that roll bar!