Wanted: pin drive

Ha frank,
Long time no here. I have 13 " rotors on the front and 15s just won't fit.


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Bob, I'm preparing to post my brand new 17" BRM wheels and tires in the For Sale section. I had the rears widened to 12" and I have tires already mounted. The fronts are the standard 17x8s. They never been on the street. They were used for mockup in the garage only, suspension setup, and to see if I liked the look. Although, I'm a big brake fan, I love the 15" vintage look even more so my 17's are for sale! PM me for pics or wait till tomorrow for the posting....I'm currently in the Denver area.
Vintage wheels has the 17 inch halibrand replicas available by special order. Not cheap at $2,800 bucks a set, but the wheels from vintage wheels are excellent quality. You can get either 5 pin or 6 pin. 8.5 front, 10.5 rears.