What cam and CR are you running with 8 stacks?


I’m currently in the engine building stage and it’s coming to piston ordering time.
Because of this I’d like to know what static compression ratio, cams and fuel you guys with 8 stacks are running to give me an idea of what I can actually work with on the street. Ideally for the cI’d like to know your duration, lift, LSA and when the inlet valve closes after BDC or whatever info you may have!
If you can specify whether you’re webers or efi that would be great too!

I know it’s the dynamic CR and cam events that affects the real world, if you know that for your build too even better otherwise I’ll work it out myself from your specs.

My build:
402ci 9.2”
3.75 Molnar Crank
6” Lunati signature I beams
Will be custom Ross pistons
225 TEA High ports or Profilers
EFI 8 stack, sequential injection, COP and knock sensing.
Jesel belt drive
Dry sump

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Chris, why not just call Comp cams and ask for their recommendation? Billy Godbold knows more about cams than anyone on this forum.
I’ve spoken with Bullet and I have a general cam guideline but was interested in seeing what others are running. Not looking for recommendations just for what people on here have.
I told Compcams my engine specs including the Rhoads lifters I was going to use and they grinded me a custom cam for my street & emmision regulation needs.
It might be controversial but I like Rhoads lifters on most of my engine builds.


I just sent my 427 sbf to Ron Shaver racing for a rebuild. I am going to 8 stack injection and will report once I know his cam selection, it will be a few weeks till I hear. Build goals are 600hp on pump gas.