Del's Build: SLC IR/8

Elise is sort of interested in the SLC, least that's what I'm telling myself. I think she likes walking around the shop more than the house, so much stuff she can get into. Motivation to thoroughly clean it ASAP.


Love to see your daughter spending time in the shop with you. My daughter was always interested in what I was working on in the garage when she was young also. Later she took numerous S.T.E.M. 4H projects such as small engines and robotics. Now she is studying to be an electrical engineer with a concentration in robotics. You can never start to expose them to possible interests too soon in my opinion.

I was curious about that and indirectly did an experiment with just this a decade ago! I wrapped the OEM heat shield of my little CRF50 with carbon and here's a current picture of it since I just powdercoated a few parts randomly. No clue how hot the pipe actual gets on this little thing, but I'd guess similar to the SLC with it's ceramic coating?

At any rate, just because I've used it before with good luck I ordered same stuff for these. I don't recall brand, but can look it up.

Electrical engineering is where it's at! No doubt you had a huge hand in guiding her towards the engineering degree! I hope mine picks up the tools with me as time goes, she's definitely moving that direction.


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I can't figure out if this kind of fluff annoys me or if it has some sort of value. Kind of reminds me of kit car magazines when I was a kid, just enough information to set your impressionable little mind ablaze.
I can't figure out if this kind of fluff annoys me or if it has some sort of value. Kind of reminds me of kit car magazines when I was a kid, just enough information to set your impressionable little mind ablaze.

I always think the same thing when coming across some video like this talking about these type of cars. I am glad over past several years Superlite has gotten some social media attention though. We'll all still be explaining them when out in public with the cars, that part is still growing on me.
I had been having issues with opening my gas cap on the poker run, probably because I decided to powdercoat it, but always got it open without too much fuss. When I attempted to fill up after the run, the gas cap was stuck and couldn't get it open last time I tried to fill up. I ordered a new one to wrap it in gloss black this and prevent it from happening again. When I went to go install it, I realized Sparco apparently changed the orientation of the outside mounting holes over past few years so now Sparco logo is crooked. No big deal, just more work than anticipated and been putting it off since then.

One evening on a whim decided to head to shop after the kid was in bed. Had this idea for a while, glad to finally do it. All random stuff from around the shop to build. 2nd time to actually weld something, took 7hrs from time I pulled out metal till it was assembled and shop cleaned back up. Need to pull back apart, prep, paint and add some yoga mat for padding.


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It'll never look it, but lots of stuff has changed on the car over the past year, I tinker more than I drive it. No doubt is 100% what I expected of owning one and enjoy most every minute in or around it. Off top of my head a few things that have changed since it arrived back home.

Powdercoated wheels Super Chrome
Powdercoated misc other things Illusion Orange
Tinted windows 30%, 50% rear
Designed & 3D printed emblems
Viper alarm
New Android screen w/ knob
JW Speaker LED low beams
"custom" LED front signals
RacesEng shift knob
OMP steering wheel
GRP Lotus Elise LED smoked tails
H3R fire extinguisher
HVAC charged
Painted rotor hats
C6 engine covers
Onboard battery tender with external plug
Tinted NO PICS license plate (now that DMV is open, I'm hoping to swap my old Hayabusa personalized plate to the SLC, if they let)
Added some Car Chemistry baffles in my pipes, mainly in an attempt to reduce the drone of driving a SLC without drop gears. Changed whole sound of it and I'm digging it so far, video doesn't do it justice and sounds louder in video than in person. Haven't driven it yet, but just sitting it in running I can tell it's going to be quieter at speed.

Still figuring out the whole welding skill, don't make too much fun.

FauxPro Video

OnePlus 7 Pro


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And started skinning the exhaust shields I cut out a while back in 2x2 carbon. I've skinned stuff 2x so far with good luck so think I got a little cocky and rushed when putting the fiber on the metal and didn't consider how big of a contour the 90 on edges is. Not happy with it, he sides are horrible, but I think I have an idea to salvage them so decided to keep going with project. So far it's looking better than expected at this point. Put coat #3 on last night, I think one final coat of resin tonight and I can clear and go from there with my plan.

Pictures to "show off" the errors of my ways.


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Don't make fun of it? Seriously?
You're taking all the enjoyment out of this forum :p

I like the sound. People ask me why I don't have a sound system in my car - but I DO, it's right behind my head.

Well, you have a point. Always down for some criticism, otherwise I'll never improve.
All that sanding and sweating just so I can see a little carbon fiber through my tail grills.


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Still need to figure out noise in front end, keep switching gears on projects in the shop and need to focus on getting noise fixed on SLC so can drive it.

I submitted for a new plate for the SLC, assuming it gets accepted, I'll hopefully have it by the end of the year. Not really disappointed to be getting rid of NO PICS, new one is much more my style.
Well, the SLC made it through a major hurricane intact. I moved it from the shop to the garage for extra security from damage.....and possibly random people. Went ahead and put it half way up on the QuickJacks to be safe with talk of storm surge although I wasn't too concerned about it. Some how, some way, my house and shop only had minor damage. Hurricane Laura ripped the 20x40 awning off the shop and threw against the back of the house which tore up some gutters and put a quarter size hole (guessing from awning) in the roof. Luckily it was above the porch, so no interior water damage. My dang 8x10 water well shed kit I got from Lowe's some how made it through everything. Shop had the top vents ripped up, along with exterior conduit that was for outlets and awning lights. All 14x14 roll ups made it and work normal. Couldn't believe these big things made it through 150+ MPH winds (highest wind speed in Lake Charles was 164 at Chennault Airport...right before tower went down). Also one of my hanging light fixtures, chain link came loose so it's just hanging. Happened to be the light above the office which gave me an idea, when I go rehang it I'll tilt light at a 45. No need for much light on top of the office and should make nice SLC lighting.

20 days without power or hot showers, but got both last night. Already done most clean up first week after the storm, now get to clean up the garage and shop, move SLC back.

Anyone curious, here's a gimbal video riding around my neighborhood the day after.

Here's a drone video of neighborhood couple days later.
Glad to hear you came through it okay, I was over last saturday helping some co-workers with tree removal, I was surprised at how many oak trees managed not to tip over, looks like you don't have many trees.
Glad to hear you came through it okay, I was over last Saturday helping some co-workers with tree removal, I was surprised at how many oak trees managed not to tip over, looks like you don't have many trees.

I have zero trees on my 2 acres, although did end up with a kumquat tree that jumped the fence. Always caught crap for not having trees or planting trees... SO thankful I didn't have any, they saved my roof for sure. My neighbors on both sides, got hit very hard. Craziest part of all of this is it seems 50/50 on how got big damage and who got minor.

Brian Kissel

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Glad to hear you and your place escaped with such minor damage. I know a lot of others weren’t so lucky. Somebody was looking out for you !
Regards Brian
Glad to hear you and your place escaped with such minor damage. I know a lot of others weren’t so lucky. Somebody was looking out for you !
Regards Brian

Agreed, much needed luck! At the same time our dog couldn't use back legs, so been taking care of him thru this whole time thru this. While evacuated, finally found a way to make him take medicine, few days after we got back home he was walking again (although wobbly). Was easy to pick up stuff around the house, shop & yard when he couldn't move though, he could chill outside.
Nothing new to report, but looks like CarWebGuru app is doing a big update. I use this app for the front end of my android screen in the car. Found it to be most useful and easy to operate while driving. Hopefully the new app is better than the old one.