what is this car?

I came acros this picture doing some digging in a lot car pictures and can't figure out what it is...

Looks like a crossing between a F40 and a GTM (US) and a GT40, see front top panel and doors into roof...

looks cool though.

thanks, never heard of those...
indeed the story says they looked or got inspired by the GT40.

guess that's also why they used the same sort door type and front "look"

Its also a VBM but then the 4000 GT?

here the rear, looks even more GT40 then the GTC

The GTC looks different at the rear, but indeed also looks like the Baily GT1 :)

I guess the first and last picture in this part are the older models.
I am sure that it used actual GT40 parts for the doors, side windows and front nostral clip. I am sure I read and article on it at the time of its racing. I remember seeing this car as a 1/43rd model. Defernately a VBM!!
Regards Allan
the rear of the street? version looks different then from the earlyer? types

looks pretty special such GTR