WHY ALL American Presidents Visit Israel, when runing for presidency?!!

Why do all American Presidents visit the country of Israel during their campaign for presidency?!
Do they need a blessing?!!!!! Could it be that they are being checked for certain “qualities”.

Candidate MUST;

1-Have been circumcised
2-Have a funky haircut
3-Be arrogant
4-Eat Kosher/Hallal food
5-Be frugal
6-Have no deviation from the script,,,, (“chosen people” ARE,,,,,well,,,,,, CHOSEN PEOPLE)

I can understand a candidate for American Presidency visiting California or Montana (Depending on Homosexual or Humanoid tendencies), but why visit a country that is so LOVED by the entire world.
Well, Kuwait is an ally (granted they are NOT “loved” as much as Israel) why not visit them.
There must surely be more than 6 presumed reasons ,,,,,please elaborate. I welcome all Israeli citizens on this forum that carry false US/GB passport to comment. Also, closet OLD "Nazis" and "KKK" are encouraged to rebuke as they see fit.
I will stay out this debate as I might want to run for Presidency of USA (except for item 6, I am qualified).

Please Note my Avatar has changed, to make you "COMFORTABLE", and also easier to get elected.