Would you like a CAD model repository?

As a hobby, when messing around with car fabrication, I'm searching for or creating 3D CAD models. It's really helpful when I find a site with an organized structure to store models. For work, I often go to 3D Content Central, GrabCAD, or directly to the manufacturers.

There are incredible builds on this site and a lot of folks have created CAD drawings/models which they show in the build threads. I'm starting down this path with a GT40 build and will be creating CAD models along the way. To me, it would be great if this site had a CAD repository with subsections like chassis, suspension, interior, drive train, etc. Maybe vendors would be interested in adding models. For example, an AC box from Vintage Air or an electric power steering unit from a conversion group.

Is this there enough member interest to motivate this along?
why not just use grab cad?
things like the Vintage Air thing, and steering racks, and hubs would be more useable to others.

the other thing to consider is 3d scanning.

Bremar Auto are in the process of adding many more items to the list of those that they have scanned. You might find some parts there that are useable for your build.
The repository intent is to share parts that aren’t available online and new designs. As a machine designer, this quickens the pace.

There needs to be a lot more interest for a repository to take shape.

A long time ago a made some 3D drawings of the frame. I don't know if they are correct and I would like to share it, if anyone is interested in it.
I did this in 2006, there were some plans available on that time on the internet.

I also made a wooden model of the body.

On grabdcad you can also find some drawings(shifter, rear spoiler, and some other parts). I didn't make these drawings on grabcad but maybe the person who did this is on this forum.

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