ZF 5DS 25-2

I have just got hold of an old ZF 5DS 25-2 gearbox opened it up to find the crown wheel has been lockwired, can I assume this has been re built at some time or was this standard from the factory? Also the differential sideplates have a strange extension on them going down towards the clutch release shaft, does anyone know what these were for, I have not seen them on any other ZF box?

Thanks in advance

Hi Brian

I believe the casting you are talking about is this one, and it allows additional connection with the original bellhousing..
Hi Elliot, Thanks, yes that is the one! looks a very strange setup, was this on all ZF 5DS25-2's or was it unique to a particular year?

Ron McCall

The ring gear bolts are very well known for backing out allowing the bolt heads to contact the case and shear the heads off of the shank. It is not an indication of the box being rebuilt. Many of them have had only the bolts wired.
Also, the side plates with the additional support bosses were typically found on -1 ZF boxes and mated ( with a tubular spacer) to the bellhousing which had only 4 attachment points as opposed to the 7 for the -2. Also, the -1 box had a different differential which featured safety wired bolts.
Many years ago, I owned a 1972 Pantera and decided I'd better check to see if the ZF had been safety wired. The -2 transaxle had about 90,000 miles at the time. Turns out, it had not. However, those bolts were on with about 500 ft-lbs, and would never have come off on their own. I safety wired them anyway, mostly so the next owner wouldn't worry.