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  • Hi David

    I am from South Africa. After visiting a historic race on the weekend I fell in love with the Chevron B16. I started looking around for kits,plans etc and found your posts. Great car you have. I have build a Lotus 7 from plans and appreciate what work you are doing. We have only 1 orriginal B16 in South Africa. I would really like to build a replica. How do I go about to do so. Can I buy the plans for the chassis and will someone be able to sell me the bodywork? I do have an import lisence as I had to import many parts for my MR2 Turbo. Therefore willing to import.Please help.
    Many Thanks
    Hi Dave,
    i´ve checked in these forum to get in touch with you.
    A friend has found out that you are the owner of the B16 molds. Have you bought the molds from Randy Barry?
    My friend Rolf was in contact with Randy a few years ago, but he is afraid, that he has not bought a body from him.
    Rolf was a race driver in the 60´s and 70´s. He was a friend of Peter Koepchen. They´ve used a B16 with BMW engine in 1970.
    Rolf is recovering from an illness yet. It will take some time, but when he is like new he wants to built his live dream.
    It is possible to get the whole body from you? Do you sell newly produced glass fiber parts? The parts should not be finished worked out. I think thats better for shipping when the parts are a little bit bigger and unfinished.

    Rolf is the lucky´s man, i´ve you can offer us the parts.

    Best regards,

    Cheers for the offer mate.... but i'm a little strapped for cash at the moment, those pesky things like food and bills are kind of taking most of my cash at the mo.

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