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  • Thank you Chris for letting me know in advance. I belong to the Porsche club and know some real gear heads, so I will find out how could they help before moving forward. Take care,
    chris I recent purchased a 906 blueprint. I am going to have it scanned into a tif and gif file format. my intent is to render a 3d space fame that will allow a load frame stress analysis. I plan to replace the fuel tanks with LiPo Batteries charging from a 3 phase 400V AC induction motor after leaving a water cooled 3 phase inverter. Steel framing will be replaced b tiatinum.
    Hello Chris,
    I received pricing for the 908 body, chassis, suspension uprights and knock on hubs, knock on wheels 8(15) and 10(15), head lamp covers, side windows and front laminate screen. Is this front screen going to be design as to be street legal? I live in Orlando Fl. and I read that someone close to me bought some of your items. What I need to know is if an air conditioner will be a possible install in the 908. Also what about the rest of the things to have a complete car, can they be source out of Porsche 911 models or other models? I'm a serious customer deciding on what to buy and RCR does offer a lot of things with their 917, but I rather go 908, I just need more information on your product since I'm not a builder and this is my first try on this type of thing.


    Luis L.
    Hi Chris, I'm trying to adjust the shifter without much luck. I don’t seem to be able to put it in any gear. Is there a written procedure for this?
    Hello Chris,

    Thanks again for the RHD/RHS shift on Rod's SPF. I know this might be a little much but, would it be possible to get some more pics of the shifter location and cover. My shifter is mounted the same height as the sill, about 2 inches higher than Rod's. If the car is in reverse, you can't get you hand between the shifter and the steering wheel. It needs to be moved.

    Hello chris, my name is cedric from france, i've got a project, i'd to do the most complete 3d model on 3ds max of the gt 40 mk II .
    Would you like to gime me these drawings in a higher resolution?
    Hi Chris,
    I own a race De Tomaso Pantera ( ex ADA engineering, Le Mans 1994 and winner British Gt championship 95 )
    I am rebuilding the car, and am allowed a 6 speed sequential gearbox ( the car will race a Ford 302 )
    Any practical results with the Qaife transmission ?
    Many thanks
    Patrick Hals - Brussels
    [email protected]

    I am interested in a set of the valve covers. My brother is in Amesbury, (think Stonehenge) coming back to the states this summer. I plan to ask him if he might mule them back for me. What would it take to get a set, I am planning on a 289 or 302 in my RCR? I need to know the cost of shipping to Amesbury plus the cost of the G-W covers.

    do you also sell 6speed quaife transaxles for the gt40?
    i read somethink like that in a thread. Also sequential?
    greetings from switzerland
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