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    Canadian kit car laws

    Too True Ian... The following for hot rods, muscle and classic cars is pretty strong here in Canada. GT40s would sellvery well here, as would other replicas. The major players need to sit down and work out some kind of deal.... I'd be happy if they ran it like the UK. You can build whatever...
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    confusing '40 on evilbay

    A bit of a stretch??? I think it's slightly too kind calling it and abortion!!
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    Chris Evans : real or replica ?

    He had a production company called "GINGER" that he sold for a whole heap of cash, he had something to do with the sale of virgin radio as well and i think he has another producion company.... plus all the other things he's done: TV presenter, Radio DJ etc. Not to mention he gets about £500k a...
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    Chris Evans : real or replica ?

    Chris Evans Drives his Ferrari - Pictures - Zimbio Here's a front view of it...... Didn't adrian newey have 2 original GT40's, 1 of which he bent fairly badly??
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    Chris Evans : real or replica ?

    Who knows... but he definitely has the cash, he bought a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder for about £5,000,000.
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    Allen English RCR40 Turn Key Build

    He's a really decent guy... met him last year at the B.C Custom Car Show.
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    a nice song..

    I saw Pearl Jam in Vancouver last year... it's niceto see a band that love what they do. Eddie kept going until his voice gave up.
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    The up and coming uk election - be warned !

    Never a truer word!!!
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    RCR GT40 on ebay....

    That's a gorgeous 40.... can't believe he's selling it, the person who gets it is gonna be a lucky guy.
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    The ultimate GT40 accessory?

    I think i'm with Pete, on this one :)
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    This guy moves into your neighborhood

    I tell him to turn that god awful music off.... :)
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    V8 Noise for Your Daily Driver

    Maybe that'll be what Lotus is fitting to their proposed Evora 414E hybrid :)
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    1964 Cheetah GT V8.....!!!

    That's pretty nice...
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    Canadian kit car laws

    In a word.... No......Unless the kit was essembled over 15 years ago and you have paperwork to prove it, you shouldn't have any problems.... I have a feeling the superpro your refering to is probably less than 15 years old. Sorry.... we all wish it was different.
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    Canadian kit car laws

    There is a Canadian company dealing with RCR kits now: Campbell Race Concepts Inc - Race Cars, GT 40's - Dundas, Ontario, Canada I'm guessing these guys can help.