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    Why you stopped posting.

    OK, so I'm going to throw my two pence in, and then I'm gone (I have far too much going on in my life to worry about Lonesome's latest ramblings anyway). Here's the way I see it:- I'm not going to blame everything on Jeff Young, that's far too easy, and it wouldn't be fair. There are many...
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    F1 in 2011

    Pete, This is why. BTW, I was only joshing anyway...
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    Crash at Reno

    A tragedy that this man is trying to politicize. How sensationalist to show the actual impact into the crowd, which was completely unnecesary given his agenda. A plane's trim tab malfunctioned and people died. End of story. Tragic indeed, but even more tragic is the attempt to politicize...
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    Change is on the way?

    Jeff, I can't agree with you there. Once the third world becomes the second world, through industrialization, then in time it will work it's way up to become a first world nation such as yours and mine. At that point it is mature enough to produce it's own Lawyers / Stockbrokers / Insurers...
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    Wot, no yanks????

    6-4.... erm, no, not on a per capita basis ;)
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    Wot, no yanks????

    6-4.... must find a great leveller... Ooh, I know...
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    Photo Quiz

    I know. Just call me the Labour party :) I'm trying to be enigmatic, and failing. Two of them had a catch phrase, the other may not...
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    Wot, no yanks????

    You're on a roll today pal! I couln't agree more.
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    Change is on the way?

    Very much so Mark....
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    F1 in 2011

    Hmmm. I must be on Pete's ignore list?
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    RIP Steve Jobs

    Always been a PC man rather than the MAC, but boy could Steve Jobs design!! RIP.
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    Wot, no yanks????

    Where is everybody. Christ, the paddock is like the Marie Celeste. Ain't no one here but us Brits!
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    Ross Nicol, where are you?

    Always used to look forward to your race reports and I just wondered how things were going on the car??? If anyone has heard as to his progress, it would be good to know. Cheers!
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    Roaring Forties GT40 RF 109 *SOLD*

    Re: Factory built RF For Sale John, have a free bump. The car looks fantastic. There is no way we could get a car like that in the UK for that kind of money. Unless we are all hiding under the bedsheets because of the current climate (which many of us are), on the face of it, it looks like a...
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    A message from Al to Lonesome Bob

    I am giving myself an award for biggest thread drift ever:-