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  • (QUOTE)are you making the sheet metal as well or just the cad,
    some one asked what tooling is required? I have two on the go to about the stage of your cad model and only used basic tools in a workshop at home will post a pix if I can work out how!

    this is now out of date, I made a cnc profile cutter and used dxf files to cut most of the metal, but you can use tin snips as well<!-- google_ad_section_end --> (QUOTE)

    The chassis looks sweet. I was wondering how did you get the needed dimensions?
    I would love to see some more pix of the build.

    Hi John. Thanks for that. Yes, I saw it on there. That is the tranny from Westport, bought on Trademe in December last year by Don - hes on this site actually. He paid $8700NZD for it, popped a set of bearing in and has it on for $19k!!!! Hes mailed me via my advert in TradeMe where I am asking to buy one. Hes kind of unaware of my knowledge to his tranny. So I'll ask him what his bottom line is. But Im sure as hell not paying $19k for it .. nor the start bid of $14.5k! It was probably only worth the $8.7 he got it for in the first place. Ive been thinking about making my own transaxle (borrowing the internals from somewhere else of course!) as the prices people are asking are quite ridiculous I think. I'll let you know how I get on.

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