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  • great gt40 work any source such as yoursself or other for the cad or drawings for the alum wiork I would lie to build of this style i ask are you going to use tubular front and rear sections If avable asking price Steven Brown
    4 cars in calif..
    1-gulf 302 weber
    1-siver 347 f.i.
    1-red converitable 302 weber
    1-blue never driven 427 4bb
    hi, my car is not a car yet, just some tubes welded together (still working on the chassis). i have a body, engine, transaxle, wheels, lights, just stuff really. i'm not building a le mans replica, but what i like cars to be like, so full cage, 1 bucket seat, stripped out alloy interior etc! nothing is new. everything is as cheap as i can get it!
    oh yes....my budget is the sort of budget people have to build a mini!!! but, because i'm not rich, is no reason not to build a gt40!!
    what sort of budget are you planning?
    cheers for the intrest, glen
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