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    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    That car looks like the ERA spyder. Only one was made. Sorry, but not an original but a replica. A couple years ago was on Bring a Trailer but didn't make reserve Paul
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    Air leaks with slip fit collectors and EFI causing rich A/F?

    Terry, can you expand on this - how did you get them to match Paul
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    Air leaks with slip fit collectors and EFI causing rich A/F?

    Joel I am anxious to see if you get any responses. I have an EFI car running a single slip connection on the pipes and it seems to work fine. I have had some decel popping issues and not able to tell if it is the slip joint, reversion from the side pipe or something else. System is a Ford FE...
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    Can someone pull together some historical (this site) loose ends

    Not looking to purchase, I am chasing loose ends on some design history and this is one loose end I can't seem to resolve. Surprised the links for such a renowned person lead to nowhere and that comments on design only have a couple pics. Paul
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    Can someone pull together some historical (this site) loose ends

    I've seen a couple references to his plans and also to his website but neither are showing up on Google or on the Google archives. Did the site actually exist? I've seen a couple jpeg's of his frame drawing on this site, but again, no other info or details. ? ? ?
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    Can someone pull together some historical (this site) loose ends

    In reading the various threads on this site, I have come across references to space-frame plans by a person called Mike Osbourne (Osborne). There is a current thread referencing the sale of a set of plans and the fiberglass components by a gentleman in Canada that also references this. A quick...
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    superformance GT40 in St. Louis

    Stop by a shop in St. Charles, a suburb of Saint Louis - Fastlane Classic Cars. Dave Williams (Owner) has the original Superformance GT40 test mule/prototype as his personal car. It sits on his showroom floor. He may have others on display. You and your son will enjoy the showroom...
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    Engine management systems

    Joe I am running a Borla System using a Performance Electronics ECU, very happy with the performance. A some tips for you 1) Don't try to 'cheap out' on the system. To be successful, the Individual Runner EFI system needs a number of tuning features that often are left out to reduce cost. The...
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    Kim You don't say for sure but I get the impression the cable center is a single wire, not a stranded cable. Is that correct? Would you not be better off with a cable that uses a stranded center core? It would follow the snail of the bellcrank. As I worked on my cars, I came to learn that...
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    Kim Generally, it is the pedal ratio's that are at fault. In mechanical linkages, you can play with the various arms. In a cable linkage, you can only adjust the pedal or the balcrank. You might pick up a little at the balcrank, but generally there isn't much material to work with. Moving the...
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    Kim I will add to the comments. I have two Borla EightStack systems on Cobra roadsters. The systems are 100% unforgiving of any linkage issues. The torsion springs in the throttle bodies DO NOT provide enough force/leverage to close the plates and makeup for any inadequacies of the linkage...
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    Hacking an IDA 'Weber', turning it into EFI

    Randy I disagree with your comment. I had a 1st Gen Borla EightStack system that was very similar to this. Could not get a low idle (wanted to stay at 1500rpm) and it was caused by poor-fitting throttle plates. Borla reworked the system for me and was able to get the idle down into the low 900...
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Webers change the sound of an engine compared to plenum manifold carburetion. The change to Individual runners did tend to take some of the rumpty rump out of the cam. Changing then from Weber to fuel injection/Weber style had no change to the sound. This is what I noticed when I went along...
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    GT40 Enthusiasts Group - value to USA member

    I am curious about the value of the GT40 Enthusiasts Group to someone residing in the USA. My interests are focused on the history and technical aspects of the car. Social events and driving in Great Britain, while interesting, do not fill my cup. Is my $50 annual investment of value? I post it...