BOSS 302 Block Bracket/Boss?


On the face of the Ford BOSS302 block is a 3/8-16 boss, located on the passenger side, below the cylinder head. Most all alternator mounts I've seen use the holes in the head to mount the alternator/bracketry.

Any tips on what this boss was used for so I can search out the bracketry associated with it. It appears it IS NOT cast into a 289 block and a Tall (351) block would have it in a different location.


Some have reported it was for a smog pump/bracket but those also appear to be mounted to the face of the head. The only thing I've been able to find a picture of has a ground strap attached to it.

My background is Big Block cars and I see alternators on the 429's mounted on a similar tab, but that is an entirely different platform.

Any leads on its use?


David Garton

Paul, I just went through this with my Ford Motorsports block. The boss on the block below the head was there but not drilled and tapped. On my AC bracket it had a lower bolt hole that lined up with this boss and I center punched it and drilled and tapped it. See picture below. My engine has Gurney Westlake heads so I had to massage the holes that mounted the bracket to the head. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the pictures, nice motor.

Haven't had much luck in finding the purpose of the boss. I think it is probably smog-related but not sure. I've learned some of the supercharger companies use it to mount their brackets but can't find any Ford brackets that are associated with the point. Best I've been able to locate is a number of Mustangs use it for a ground strap mount. :p

I was hoping to find some little known Ford model that mounted an alternator of that some I could use the brackets. Guess I'll just have to do some layout and make my own.

I see a number of the 385 series motors with a similar boss and the alternator hung of it. I don't think the bracketry will match up to the pump. But at least it gives me ideas.

Curious if someone else has run across this before. I've seen two aftermarket blocks in addition to the Ford Performance block. One had it, one did not. I've also noticed the 289's don't have it and the 351's seem to have it and also in the exact same location, in spite of the taller deck height.

Really hard to figure out what it's for. Whether it had a purpose for front dressing or if it is just a machining point. I've learned of blocks that have the boss but the hole is not drilled or tapped.

The search continues. Hope I don't wear out my Google machine.

Vintage BOSS 302s had a triangular, cast bracket that bolted in a similar location for the alternator.

Any chance that's what the hole is for?


Doug, is this the bracket you're referring to

If so, it bolts to the head of the Boss302. The boss on the block appears to be the mount for the smog pump. Hard to find pictures on that but I've seen a couple showing the pump in that location and it appears to be mounted to the boss in question.