1. S

    Looking for my old GTD

    Just wonder if it was ever completed. It had s/s dropped floors and an SGT rear end. These pics came from the chap who bought it from me but I never heard from him again. I think it went somewhere in the Midlands (UK) Anybody ever seen it? ( yes, he had 2 GT40’s) Simon
  2. J

    Citroen C35 transmission.

    Who is running one. I like to know how the shifter linkage setup is. I am not interrested in Don't, Skip, Shitbox trow away answers. I am not interrested in use UN1, Audi, Porsche whatever instead I know early KVA came with these tranny's and they can be easely beefed upto 450bhp with...
  3. K

    Audi 016 Gearbox, Kennedy Adaptor kit, Front Spindles

    PHOTOS ARE HERE: Shared album - Kent Finnerty - Google Photos Trans and Hubs are sold. KEP Adaptor Plate & stuff for Small-block Chevy to Audi Transaxle includes Clutch, flywheel, throw-out, pilot bearing, and hardware. All brand new, bought and never used- $500 OBO Parts are located in...
  4. D

    LS engine covers

    regarding LS engine covers does any one know if there is an engine cover available that will work with the reversed intake on the SL-C ? I bought the LS7 vette covers but they don't work. also it has to fit under the rear clam. Cheers, Grant
  5. F

    I introduce myself, I'm Francesco from Italy

    First excuse my english ..... i'm a tattoo artist and i love nice things, including cars. My favorite car has always been the GT40, but I could not afford it, I focused my attention on the mustangs, from 1965 to 1970, especially fastbacks. I have bought some in bad conditions over the years...