I introduce myself, I'm Francesco from Italy

First excuse my english ..... i'm a tattoo artist and i love nice things, including cars.
My favorite car has always been the GT40, but I could not afford it, I focused my attention on the mustangs, from 1965 to 1970, especially fastbacks.
I have bought some in bad conditions over the years and have restored and sold them with great satisfaction.
So I put aside the money and bought a shelby GT 500 of 2011 that unfortunately I destroyed in an accident not caused by me.
With the engine of the destroyed car I decided to try to build a gt 40 alone.
At first I evaluated the kits, some very nice, but no one confirmed that my engine 5.4L shelby could get into the chassis, so I decided to do it as much as I could.
With the frame are good, now I have to attach a transmission, and here begins a new adventure! I hope to have fun in this forum, I hope to entertain you with my project, and I hope to learn so many things from you all
Thank you !

Randy V

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Welcome to GT40s.com ....
I would ike to point out that our rules here require you to use your real name.
Please see rule #2 in our FAQ (link below) and make the appropriate changes...
Enjoy the forums..
By the way, your English is just fine!