LS engine covers

regarding LS engine covers does any one know if there is an engine cover available that will work with the reversed intake on the SL-C ? I bought the LS7 vette covers but they don't work. also it has to fit under the rear clam.


Randy V

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It's a shame that these engines are so estheically hideous that we must cover them up..
I would opt for coming up with a solution that is not fake. IE - relocate coils, nicer valve covers, powdercoated intake etc..

Terry Oxandale

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I like their look. I think manufacturers have taken the engine cover theme too far. It's a mechanical device, and the more of it one sees,, the better it looks (even with the coil packs sitting on top)'s functional, and that's where the beauty is. I would hate a race car that covered up the suspension just because it's unpleasant looking with tubes and arms and hoses, and nuts and bolts, and, bla bla blaa. Looking at a lot of plastic covering up a mechanical wonder is what is hideous, in my humble opinion.
If they skipped the engine covers, the marketing guys would make the engineers clean up some items like the coil packs and valve covers.

Remember the cool looking air cleaners and valve covers from way back....


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If you don't put on a plastic engine cover, you still have a plastic intake, so you're looking at plastic either way. Moving the coil packs somewhere, extending the plug wires, trying to hide them or make them look nice, etc, was way more work than I wanted to do, and the cover hides all of that mess nicely.


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Is the G8 an after market or OEM? Any mods to install?

I for one like it.

It's an OEM cover, taken from my G8. 2 minor mods required:1) Cover the hole for the power steering pump fill cap; 2) Bump on the front right cut off and covered.