1. IanAnderson

    It it allowed?

    I just heard our leader, Keith has just purchased himself a mid engined sports car in a fetching red! Now it is also to be pointed out that it is neither a GT40 or Lola T70. So what has he purchased? Do we need to check his credentials for this prime position? Let’s see if he will...
  2. L

    Get you check (cheque) books ready...

    ...especially if you reside in England: Stash of classic car parts worth millions found in shipping containers | Fox News
  3. P-nut

    RCR40 video

    This is a great video about a builder, and his car- which happens to be an RCR40. Great story, and a very well-shot video. Check it out here: Eric Dean’s Temple: A rowdy home-built Ford GT40 | Why I Drive - Ep. 1 - YouTube"]Eric Dean’s Temple: A rowdy home-built Ford GT40 | Why I Drive - Ep...
  4. wolodymyr

    Pics from Rest and Be Thankful 2017

    Some great pictures from this years Classic Car Tours event at the Rest! Rest and Be Thankful 2017 Check out the polished alu Cobra! Dave
  5. Big-Foot

    Hurricane Harvey - Now a Category 4

    I hope you all in the gulf states (particularly Texas) listen to the officials and evacuate when asked.... Stay safe and please check in when you can!
  6. PeteB

    Help! Throttle position sensor error

    So I'm 100 miles from home at a car show . 7 miles from the show the check engine light comes on and no response to the throttle. Reads code 1238. I let it sit for a while and tried restarting the engine. No check engine light, throttle works fine. I'm a bit concerned about driving all the way...
  7. B

    Found a Transaxel in the UK, Any Trusted GT40 Member Want To Help Out?

    Not sure where best to post this. I found a transaxel I am interested in purchasing located in Scotland, but barring a flight overseas, being in Canada I can't check it out myself. I'm also a careful person and would like to know what I'm buying is what the guy says it is. Are there any...