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    Valve covers please???

    Anyone have valve covers for a 351 AFR alum head? Looking for weslake, eagle, or moody type.
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    valve covers

    Can anyone tell me what period correct looking valve covers I can fit with my current header setup? Wondering if I can fit Westlake or similar? Any and all options are appreciated as I do not like the current valve covers.
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    CAV parts

    Can anyone tell me a good source for parts on a 2006 CAV? canards, rear spoiler, rear mesh vents, license plate filler cover, maybe carpet, light covers, side door covers. Also, will a Momo steering wheel fit these cars? Its my 1st 40, and thanks in advance for any help.
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    Gurney Weslake Valve Covers

    I have a pair of unused reproduced Gurney Weslakevalve covers that I originally bought for my CAV GT40. I got an offer I could not refuse for my GT40 and sold the car, but with the original "Ford Racing" covers on the 350. Selling these really cheap: $100 for the pair plus postage or ground...
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    LS engine covers

    regarding LS engine covers does any one know if there is an engine cover available that will work with the reversed intake on the SL-C ? I bought the LS7 vette covers but they don't work. also it has to fit under the rear clam. Cheers, Grant
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    FS USA Ford GT "GT" Coil Covers

    hey guys, first off.. i know it seems fishy that my second post is in this forum, but i came across some coil covers for the ford gt. i'm a long time forum poster on other forums, most recently on svtperformance. i would post these on that forum, but i wanted to let you guys know first as you...