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Can anyone tell me a good source for parts on a 2006 CAV? canards, rear spoiler, rear mesh vents, license plate filler cover, maybe carpet, light covers, side door covers. Also, will a Momo steering wheel fit these cars?

Its my 1st 40, and thanks in advance for any help.

We are pleased to introduce GT International as our new North American distributor.

Based in New Jersey, Bill Thomas and Kurt Nehlig have a wealth of experience and expertise in the niche auto industry. Through The Performance Garage Club and William Thomas Roadsters they have become intimate with classic motoring as well as high performance racing.

They were also involved with the development of the Drakan sports car and continue to serve as their East Coast representation via Drakan Cars East.

We look forward to growing the US market together with Bill, Kurt and the GT International team. If you are interested in ordering a CAV GT, you can contact GT International as follows:

Telephone: +1 908 313 4482
Mobile: +1 908 303 6299
Email: [email protected]


For headlight covers try Mark Clapp who is here on the forum.
He has the form for CAV headlight covers and I've got a set on my car and have been very happy with them.

Mark Clapp


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Thank you both for the info. I have sorced everything that I need. If I decide to use canards and a rear wing I think I will just make them myself