FS USA Ford GT "GT" Coil Covers

hey guys, first off.. i know it seems fishy that my second post is in this forum, but i came across some coil covers for the ford gt. i'm a long time forum poster on other forums, most recently on svtperformance. i would post these on that forum, but i wanted to let you guys know first as you guys do have a higher chance of having ford gt's.

if you want to check and make sure i'm legit, a link to my svtperformance profile is here:



feel free to send me a p.m. there and i'll respond.

as far as the coil covers i have, here's the machined ones:

i have 5 sets of those. i'm selling them for $200 + shipping from california.

of course they work on the factory valve covers. if you have any questions please feel free to pm me. :thumbsup:
getting a lotta looks. sold all of my polished sets on another forum:

Ford GT Alley

sorry for the low post count, just trying to pass a deal that i found onto other people. not trying to make much, just a little profit and enough to cover shipping. :)

don't think you can find coil covers like i have at the price i have.
You might wish to consider the fact that this a Ford GT40 forum not a Ford GT forum, not exactly relevant to 99% of us I would imagine....