1. D

    Anyone having issues with GT Forte?

    So I jumped into the GT40 build by buying a GT Forte Flatpak frame. I was told they have frames in stock and should only be 4-5 days to ship. March 12/18 I paid for it, last email he answered March 21. I have sent 3 emails since, one last week and another a few days ago. NO response. But to...
  2. F

    RCR GT-R Parts for Sale

    Please email me at [email protected] if interested in any of the following parts. My location is West Chester, PA. Buyer will pay shipping cost. 1) New Factory front and rear rotors off my GT-R - probably fit SLC also. $125 for all four. SOLD 2) Adjustable pedal bracket (solid piece and nicely...
  3. N

    1971 - Team Manager's Ford Escort race

    I got an email notification that the Jack Brabham Ford Escort Mexico is coming up for sale at a classic car auction. Read through the email to discover what it was all about, and came across an interesting story and video, of how they really used to enjoy themselves before money and winning...
  4. V

    RCR phone or email contact - anyone have any luck?

    Anyone been in touch with Vicki, Kristin or Fran recently? I've been unable to get a hold of anyone there for a couple weeks now - phone and email. Edit: I just sent them a message on Facebook too - hoping I can get through. - Ven
  5. B

    Safir GT40 Spares

    Anyone been in touch with them lately? I made an enquiry via their website, but have heard nothing back. Is there an email address other than the "customer.service" one I should try? Thanks. Brian.
  6. Ron Earp

    Waiting for Registration Approval? Read Inside.....

    Hi Folks, When you join the server sends a REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL to the email account you used to register. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE LINK IN THIS EMAIL to be confirmed on the site. It works. Yes it does. We know it works because new people successfully register here every...