1971 - Team Manager's Ford Escort race

I got an email notification that the Jack Brabham Ford Escort Mexico is coming up for sale at a classic car auction.

Read through the email to discover what it was all about, and came across an interesting story and video, of how they really used to enjoy themselves before money and winning at all costs, got in the way.

In October 1971, an extraordinary race of F1 team managers took place at Brands Hatch. Surtees, Williams, Tyrrell, Chapman… the field was a Who's Who of racing legends, but it was Jack Brabham who triumphed after a dramatic final lap

1971 - Team Manager's Ford Escort race - YouTube
Great stuff Nick. Loved it. Now that's racing as they say. Barry Gill's voice also took me back to my youth. Thanks.


Thanks for sharing Nick. The commentary was hilarious!

"I’ve never seen Chapman so happy unless someone mentioned money!”