1. M


    I am trying to contact Kress motorsport but struggling,I know Fran has been unwell and if anyone has info that would be helpful I am looking for good quality steering wheel emblem Regards mark
  2. I

    Design An Emblem?

    I'm not sure about everyone else, but it'd be awesome if we collectively came up with some sort of "emblem" for our cars. You know, like Rapier had one on it's front and most other car manufacturers do as well. I'm not thinking of something quite as big as that, maybe more simplistic? Just...
  3. Ron Earp

    Back to the Future-Ron and Sydney's 1985 5L Mustang Build

    I've been off for many years doing lots of things, mainly racing. Last year I managed to win our SCCA SARRC points racing series with my SCCA ITS Mustang. So this year I'm talking a bit of a break and doing other projects. Good thing too, because my daughter turns 16 in several months and she'll...