1. J

    Electric water pump

    Hi All My SPF is in build in South Africa and I will be speccing my engine shortly. One thing I would like to fit is an electric water pump on the engine, as opposed to fitting a remote one near the front end. Can anyone tell me if there is space with the available bulkhead bubble, or does it...
  2. L

    2005 GT Front Clam ?

    Is there a way to mod a GT40 front clam shell and hood to work on a 2005 GT ? I am thinking about a buying a 2005 GT with a smashed front end.
  3. wolodymyr

    Plug leads for Gen II Ford coils.

    What's the solution here, buy Gen II coil end connectors and mod my own leads, get 2 sets of Fiesta leads or what have others done. Coils are mounted at the front end of each cylinder head, so I need to watch out for a little additional length for the leads that cross to the other side. Dave
  4. ckouba

    Gravity Racer

    Chapter One: Mental Commitment, Design Definition, & Initial Build Portland has an adult soapbox derby each summer (http://www.soapboxracer.com/) and an acquaintance of mine built an entry and ran it last year, having a BLAST. I found out about it and decided I had to do it, so I started my...
  5. flatchat

    Race Wars --Western Australia

    Some interesting times from remote way down under where Dave and Julian in their GT40s were competing amongst some high end machinery -- makes you appreciate 200 MPH way back Schedule - Racewars