1. F

    Flywheel. Ford 302 short block . GTD

    Hi I need to replace my starter as broken. Can someone tell me the info about the flyweel and starter unit I need to buy ? I believe the flywheel is from a Ford V6 (standard GTD ?) ? Many thanks grtz Fred
  2. F

    Getrag transaxle, clutch, flywheel

    Sold sold
  3. bune

    balancing the flywheel?

    I made my own flywheel exact like the original ones from the 60's but I belive I have to balance the flywheel . Can this be done as a stand alone? or do I have to use a crankshaft and the harmonic damper to get the right balance. I think the old original flywheel drawings was correct, but I...
  4. J

    Original flywheel and waterpump?

    I once got drawings of original 289" flywheel (2/3 -plate clutch) from some kind person here. However, seems I lost drawings some time ago due broken PC. Search function didn`t give any real results. Ideas where to get; time to make one very soon :embarassed: Waterpump; which type pump...
  5. M

    012 gearbox to Alfa V6

    Hi Everybody I am building a mid engine car at the moment but am having trouble with mating the gearbox an Audi 012 to the engine an Alfa 3litre V6. The alfa flywheel is too big fit inside the bellhousing. I need to use this for the starter to work. Also because the Alfa V6 is externally...