balancing the flywheel?


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I made my own flywheel exact like the original ones from the 60's but I belive I have to balance the flywheel .
Can this be done as a stand alone? or do I have to use a crankshaft and the harmonic damper to get the right balance. I think the old original flywheel drawings was correct, but I have to know.
Look on my build tread to see the flywheel (last page)
Someone have done this before?

Thanks Rune


Jac Mac

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In your case where using all new or built parts you must get the whole assy balanced with damper/crankshaft(with bobweights calculated using your rods-piston-ring weights)/ and flywheel. Once balanced as a unit like that have them attach the front crank pulley and clutch assy and check it as well.


Hi Rune,

The flywheel that you have made is probably machined for an imbalance of 28oz so you must have the correct crankshaft and harmonic dampener from an engine built with a 28oz imbalance. Later engines have a 50oz imbalance.

289s all have 28oz, 302s up to 1980 have 28oz and 302s made between 1981 and 2001 have 50oz.



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Graham I know it is machined for 28oz imballance , but is the original drawings correct enough to use the flywheel without a check ? I plan to put a fabric flywheel in a balancer machine first and zero the machine , and then take my flywheel into the same machine and see if it have a offset from the fabric one.