1. MHNCO

    My kind of fuel stop

  2. aladinsane

    Fuel Cell Removal

    Any threads here on procedure to 'remove & replace' a fuel cell bladder. All I can find (search) is it's necessary to remove front suspension and remove from sponson through front wheel well cover. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Tim
  3. Cobra

    Fuel System Reconfiguration

    The original builder/owners of this car took an interesting, but less preferable approach for the twin tank fuel system. Each tank has a dedicated pump, filter, regulator and gauge feeding one bank of cylinders. This means both pumps need to operate full time. See attached system diagram...
  4. S

    Fuel sender terminals explained

    My fuel sender has two terminals labeled M&T - which one is for ground? Never seen a fuel sender labeled as such, thanks -Steve
  5. H

    EFI change

    Currently have a ford 342 by roush with a 750 cfm. holly . The ignition is MSD electronic. I am tempted with the borla 8 stack efi Webber look like so being OCD about understanding the system before buying it wondered if I could get some corrective advice on the workings of the system. 1 ...
  6. L

    Fuel Pressure explained

    Nothing ground breaking here but this short article put a couple concepts together for me especially concerning Fuel pressure and injectors on forced induction systems and return vs returnless so I thought I'd share it... Fuel Pressure Explained
  7. bill kearley

    Holley and Borla 8 stack interference

    Help, Borla 8 stack fuel rail crashes into Holley dist. Fuel rail mods. or ???????????????
  8. Big-Foot

    Fuel Tank / Cell Inlets

    After reading a post on Howard B's Build Log, I responded. Later I thought that response may help others, hence I am posting it here; Some fellows believe that putting a fuel strainer in the tank may leave you stranded if the strainer should clog. True. But if this is the case - Why do all...