1. Big-Foot

    FS USA Stewart Warner SW-240A fuel pumps and parts ((SOLD))

    I’m in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes. Offered here is a collection of various SW240a fuel pumps, gaskets and assorted parts.. There are eight pumps in total. All have some external corrosion to varying...
  2. 3

    Fuel Map

    Hey Guys, Ive tried searching and couldn't see anything that will help but maybe i'm searching the wrong words or something. Does anyone have a base fuel map for a 302 windsor or have any knowledge about tuning that can help me out. Im using the base map that came with my system...
  3. 3

    Speedmaster Turnkey EFI

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has any tips or troubleshooting guides for the speedmaster turnkey efi. I have the car fired up but it is running super rich and using the heat gun it seems that cylinders are not firing. It also seems there is fuel getting into the cylinder and the...
  4. V

    fuel tank vents

    I noticed in a picture of Graham Hill standing beside a GT40 with the front clip open and next to the off side filler cap is a small object which I had not seen before so I looked in the book Ford GT40 Production and Racing History individual chassis record by Trevor Legate and in the exploded...
  5. J

    Fuel tank size and dimensions

    I am at the point of letting a local welding company make me some fuel tanks for my KVA build. I want dual tank setup with baffles and no foam. As in experiance Foam has issues with ethanol blended fuels. Whats the average fuel tank capacity for a single tank?? Does anyone have...
  6. bill kearley

    Painfull Painless

    Caution, I have installed Painless kit #10144 . I had to modify it to stop the chance of 40 amps in a 16 g wire. A test also over heated the output 16 g wire from the relay I was about to use for a fuel pump. the kit was a big waste of money and wouldn't like to see anybody go up in smoke.
  7. Dreamcars

    RCR Superlite SLC - GT-R Fuel System for Sale

    I am selling this fuel system out of my Superlite SLC due to engine reconfiguration. Was installed but never ran. Everything there but the 100 Micron fuel filter. Bosch 044, Walbro and 40 Micron Filter. Mics. -6 AN fittings, hose,crush washers, pressure regulator and surge tank. It is rated for...
  8. C

    Vickers fuel cock wanted

    Vickers fuel cock wanted, any condition. Many thanks, Elliot.
  9. B

    Brian Withworth Vickers Fuel Cock

    Thank you Brian Withworth for the Super Vickers Fuel Cock so happy with it
  10. B

    Original Vickers 3 tap Fuel cock

    Would like to buy a original Vickers fuel cock for my GTD Regards Benjamin VR Belgium 0032475777968
  11. C

    Minimum fuel line size for 347 with EFI

    Just a quick question here - interested in folk's opinion on minimum fuel line size for a mild-ish 347 running 8 stack/multi-port EFI. My current system is plumbed with AN-6 and it just looks a little small to me. Fuel pressure is in the 60psi range with twin pumps and a fuel pressure...
  12. B

    back on the site

    Back on the site Benjamin Van Riet Belgium Ford GTD40 When someone have A original Vickers Fuel Cock for sale please let me know regards
  13. P

    GTD fuel gauge

    Hi guys my right hand fuel gauge has stopped working on my 1991 GTD any ideas what to look for first and where to look might be a bad earth not sure Cheers Paul
  14. C

    FS USA Round Fuel Cell Fill Plates

    -SOLD- Round Fuel Cell Fill Plates New, never used from ATL Fuel Cells, I have two Fuel Cell Container Fill Plates (TF-107), with gaskets. Specs from Summit: ATL Fuel Cell Container Fill Plates TF107 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing Fill Plate Bolt Hole Quantity: 12...
  15. C

    FS USA Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 Fuel Pump

    -SOLD- Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 Fuel Pump I have a new Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 Fuel Pump, new, still sealed in the bag. Part # 29259, 140 gph, 12 psi max, 3/8 NPT From Summit: Mallory Comp Pump Fuel Pumps 29259 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing These Comp Pump...
  16. C

    FS USA Fuel Tank Pickup tubes

    -SOLD- Fuel Tank Pickup tubes These are two spare fuel tank pickups with gasket that came with my RCR GT-40. An AN8 bulkhead fitting, tip over valve, or vent fitting can be used in the spare hole. $20 for both plus shipping from Colorado.
  17. D

    Fuel Filling and Venting

    My car had an issue with a fuel smell in the garage and cockpit. The tank vent was a simple line that went up above the level of the tank and then down to the bottom of the frame. The smell was corrected with the addition of a valve Fuel Cell Pressure Relieving Vent Valve, In-Line, 6AN Male |...
  18. I

    Mustalgia Fuel Caps

    Hello, I´m looking for fuel caps. Does anyone here have any experience with the ones Mustalgia offer?
  19. C

    Fuel fill hose

    Does anyone have a part number and source handy for the fuel filler hose connecting the tank to fuel door? Thanks!
  20. C

    Thoughts on fuel tank temperature?

    I'm working on installing the fuel tank and fuel system. I had planned to install a closeout panel behind the tank, between it and the engine. I then started thinking about what kind of temperatures the tank goes through. With the engine right next to it, does the tank heat soak? Ultimately...