1. S

    Finally Able to say hello!

    It's been a challenge for me to get registered here on this forum, but I'm dreaming of an already build Superlite, and wanted to aquaint myself with the platform. Thanks for having me guys!
  2. F


    Do guys run 411 gears? I will have a 600hp+ car with Avon tires
  3. P

    Pim from Holland

    Hi all, I am a bit of a strange duck here because i am not building a GT40, although i would love to. I am though building / recreating a car that uses the similar gearbox: ZF 5DS 25, namely a Lancia 037 rally carand i would love to know more about it. Would it be ok for you guys for me...
  4. 3

    Dizzy wiring

    Hey guys, just seeing if anyone knows if I need to use all four wires on my dizzy. The new ecu loom only has 2 x wires going to it a green and a purple. The old dizzy (scorcher) has 4 wires. An earth,power, sun and ref. Is it a matter of just using the power and negative or does it need the...
  5. T

    Glad to be here!

    Hey guys, my name is Tres and I'm new to the forum. I'm thinking about building an SLC but I've never seen one in person. Did any of you guys build this car without having seen one or did you visit Superlite Cars in person?
  6. J

    New French member !

    Hi guys ! I'm new here, I would love to build an RCR 40 so I think I'm in the right place to talk about GT40 :D See you
  7. A

    These guys are amazing!

    18 Sailors Stand Absolutely Still. Now Watch When They Look Up, AMAZING!
  8. J


    Hi guys and gals .... I'm not using my 40 yet IVA in January ,,,,,,,,,, I have running in oil in my engine 302 ..... How long should this be left in ? ..I am running it up now and again .. so when I change the oil and filter what oil do you guys use ?? I used Valvoline in my Cobra with no...
  9. D

    A conundrum

    Three guys shairng a flat decide to buy a TV for £30 - £10 each. They shopkeeper sells it t them and they walk home with the tv. The shop owner tells the shop keeper he overcharged them by £5 and it should have been £25. The shopkeeper chases after the guys but realises if he gave them £1...
  10. J

    Rich and lean ....

    Hi all . another Question for you clever people .. I am running a 600 Holley and doing the final settings and I cant for the life of me remember ... is it screw the air screws in to richen the mixture and screw out to weaken ? Thanks guys John..
  11. M

    Block decode

    Ok one for the ford guys what is this ,
  12. R

    2017 Philip Island Historic Races - Photos

    Some of my photos from the Sunday when i made it down. Haven't had the camera out for a few years so im a bit rusty. hope some of the photos are useful to other builders and the guys that were running. Will have to use a longer shutter next time for more motion blur. Philip Island...
  13. glloyd

    Crank angles

    Does anyone know what the crank angle at BDC on the intake stroke is on a Ford 302? It is 540 degrees for a SB Chevy (sorry about the language!) and it would be easy to assume that it is the same, but we all know what assuming does! Thanks guys