1. J

    IVA Fail ..

    Hi All my 40 went for IVA today up at Kidderminster .I got a fail ......:furious: all silly things really to name a few ....... Interior mirror vibrating on tick over ....... had sticker on dash stating dip for the head light . they want another sticker saying Main ...... fog light...
  2. B

    Question about high speed and the handling,safety,etc...

    I’m wanting to build the SLC to break the 200 mph mark at some point.always been a goal of mine as I like speed.i would like to do this in the half mile challenge but understand that may be tough..im just wondering about how safe and how the car handles and responds at high speeds..anybody have...
  3. bill kearley

    Borla / Holly

    A question re Holly/Borla 8 stack fuel rail / dist interference. Borla's risers aren't quite high enough and Holy's dist. is to tall. Who has a fix?
  4. flatchat

    Race Wars --Western Australia

    Some interesting times from remote way down under where Dave and Julian in their GT40s were competing amongst some high end machinery -- makes you appreciate 200 MPH way back Schedule - Racewars