1. S memorial page for Mr John Horsman

    Safir GT40 is sad to report that Mr. John Horsman has passed away. John has been a good friend over the years and a pleasure to work with. John's technical knowledge and experience has been a most valuable asset in the development of the 50th anniversary edition GULF GT40. Rather than take...
  2. J

    Vacuum pumps.

    Hi all I am looking at fitting a pump to my servos . Mine just don't feel like they are working properly . Have to press pedal quite hard . My question is has any body fitted an electric servo pump and any for or against .. Thanks all .. John.
  3. D

    2018 Le Mans

    Anybody going to be there the week before the race this year? If so, perhaps we can arrange to get together for a beverage (or two) . John
  4. J

    Periscope vents

    Hi all I am fitting my scoops now I have IVA ..... whats the best way of fixing them .. I know on the originals they have fixings on show .......... Are the pop rivets or self tappers ....... or nuts and bolts SS of course ... Thanks all ...John
  5. J

    Reg forms.

    Hi all I am filling out my registration form . I need to know the reg fee . and 6 months road tax . I don't want to mess up my application and get delayed . so can anybody help me please . I think the reg fee is £55 but not sure . Thanks all .. John..
  6. J


    Hi guys and gals .... I'm not using my 40 yet IVA in January ,,,,,,,,,, I have running in oil in my engine 302 ..... How long should this be left in ? ..I am running it up now and again .. so when I change the oil and filter what oil do you guys use ?? I used Valvoline in my Cobra with no...
  7. S

    December 2017 'Fortyfication'

    I've just received the latest 'Fortyfication' magazine ....... stupendous round of applause to Editor, John Allen. A fantastic job. This is his last issue as Editor and he deserves huge thanks from everyone in the Club for the role he has performed. Tony Hunt set the bar at a very good level and...
  8. R

    Book for sale: THE CERTAIN SOUND, John Wyer

    THE CERTAIN SOUND, John Wyer - SOLD Book now sold
  9. K

    John Nicholson

    I was very shocked to hear that John Nicholson passed away today. For those that do not know him he was the Nicholson in Nicholson McLaren probably the foremost DFV builder of his day and beyond. Like many Kiwis, John was an extraordinary engine builder and he could name many of the top F1 teams...
  10. J

    Rich and lean ....

    Hi all . another Question for you clever people .. I am running a 600 Holley and doing the final settings and I cant for the life of me remember ... is it screw the air screws in to richen the mixture and screw out to weaken ? Thanks guys John..
  11. J

    Timing my 302.

    Hi all I need to set my timing with my strobe light . Could any body give me a clue as to what it should be please ..... My 302 is 330 BHP. And what revs it should be at when I am checking it ... Thanks all JOHN ...
  12. T

    need help interpreting this ZF ID plate

    This is a photo of the ID plate on my ZF transaxle. The gear ratios seem low to me given the output horsepower of the 289 circa 1967, but I'm hoping someone might have some insight as to why the ratios are as they are and perhaps what the ID numbers mean. Thanks, John
  13. Stephen Ducker

    Sir John Whitmore

    Hello, More bad news I'm afraid, John passed away last month. I don't think anyone has mentioned it on here, apologies if they have & I missed it. John, as I'm sure most of you will know, was part of the GT40 story in the early years & as well as testing, raced the early cars, including...
  14. J

    Indicators front ....

    Hi Guys and gals .. Going to fit my front indicators over the weekend . I know I have to fit them in the headlight area . I have smaller than the originals . I have to fit them there for IVA . and wasn't sure of position . Can any body help please ? Ta John.
  15. K

    Oh no! John Surtees!

    As some people here might know, I worked for the Surtees family back in the '60's mainly with brother Norman but occasionally with the 'big' man himself during the Honda S800 sports car franchise. Other people will put it far more eloquently than me but he didn't get the title 'gentleman' for...