Oh no! John Surtees!


As some people here might know, I worked for the Surtees family back in the '60's mainly with brother Norman but occasionally with the 'big' man himself during the Honda S800 sports car franchise. Other people will put it far more eloquently than me but he didn't get the title 'gentleman' for nothing. I owe a lot to John and his calm professionalism.

R.I.P John and thanks for all your advice and kind understanding of a wild child.

No-one will ever beat his record of supreme world champion of both 2 and 4 wheels.

It might have been inevitable but it's still a sad day...
Well said Keith,

I was lucky enough to meet John a few times, something I will always remember as a privilege and a pleasure.
Johns success on the track was mirrored by his conduct off of it.
His dignity dealing with the loss of Henry & determination to do something good in Henrys memory was absolutely inspiring.



Mine & my families thoughts go out to the Surtees family on this sad day.

Sincerely, Steve

Mike Pass

A truly great man. He was remarkable in so many ways. Why he was not honoured when so many lesser men were I will never know. I doubt we will ever see his like again. RIP John. We will miss you.



This is the loss of a true champion and sportsman. His elegance behind the wheel was perhaps only matched by his skill on a bike. Those survivors from the that golden age are sadly getting fewer and will be missed.

Charlie Farley

From what I read, he was badly treated by Enzo, but then again, which driver wasn't. Perhaps now, he will get to turn that lit cigar on the old man...
RIP John, when the younger generations get around to reading about you, that will put some of the current generation of F1 drivers in perspective..