Vacuum pumps.

Hi all I am looking at fitting a pump to my servos . Mine just don't feel like they are working properly . Have to press pedal quite hard . My question is has any body fitted an electric servo pump and any for or against ..

Thanks all .. John.

Larry L.

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I've now installed about 4 different electric auxiliary vac pumps (various brands)...'am now trying to get my 5 FIFTH ONE to work...and NONE to date have worked as they should OR worked in one fashion or another for any longer than an hour-or-so running time.

If you find one that actually WORKS AS ADVERTISED and works for longer than an hour or two of running time - PLEASE let me know!
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Larry L.

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That's the only one I saw.
'Will now do what I should have done in the 1st place: insert the word "electric"!

Edit: no luck there either...'will tackle it after DAWN!
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hello, other decent solution is to find the combination of alternator/vacuum pump which can be find onthe nissan petrol diesel 4x4 some mutshibusi diesel engine equipped 4x4

thats the way i'm going in my build

as example:MITSUBISHI L200 2.5 4D56 TD DIESEL BRAND NEW ALTERNATOR + VAC PUMP 1998-2006 | eBay

hope this could help

Here is one on this side of the pond.

New Alternator Fits Mitsubishi 1986-13 Pajero Shogun L200 L300 Montero Delica | eBay

or, what about one of the manual style, off a 5.7 olds diesel ?

'Will check these out...but, 'would prefer to use a 'stand alone' unit such as the one above - if I can find one that actually works.
I normaly use the Hella UP28 for this aplication which works great.
The Hella UP 28 pulls 25inHg ( I measured that).
Bit of searching on eBay normaly found for around $100.-
Volvo's have them.

Hooked these up to the brakelight switch so when hitting the brake the pump starts sucking.

I Have converted two cars allready who drive for years now.

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I have seen this unit as I have a former employee who works for the company: Electric Vacuum Pump Kits | Vacuum Pump Parts and Accessories

If you inquire ask for Greg and tell him I sent you.

Thanks, Rick. 'Appreciate it.

I'll wait 'til I see if the replacement relay does the trick. If it doesn't, I'll give him a call and see if he can shed some light on things.

According to the 'meter, the stinkin' relay has to be the fly in the ointment.

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I have just fitted a UP 28 pump .. makes a world of difference … LARRY …
'Replacement relay still not, I don't know what I'll end up doing/getting.

Do you know what the 'start up/shut off range' is on the UP 28? I'm looking for something that provides 15 inches-or-so 'on' / 25 inches-or-so 'off'...