Sir John Whitmore


More bad news I'm afraid, John passed away last month.

I don't think anyone has mentioned it on here, apologies if they have & I missed it.

John, as I'm sure most of you will know, was part of the GT40 story in the early years & as well as testing, raced the early cars, including one of the roadsters. Being involved in just the early years he didn't have much luck with the GT40. He retired from racing in 1966 having enjoyed much success with touring / saloon cars though, winning Championships at British & European level.

RIP John, & condolences to all family and friends.

Here's John on the Targa Florio 1965.
Targa Florio 1965 - GT40 Spyder - YouTube

Randy V

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As time marches on, we will see more of the great people who have shaped our world pass on to the next...
Knowing this never makes it easier...
Rest in peace John.